Une caméra GoPro sur le bec d’un pélican…

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  9. They have done alot of kissing in NM and more to come. Don’t know how the movie will be, but the books are more intimate. Eclipse should even be bette. Yeah, I agree all this kissing does something to a friendship….they are both so passionate. What will become of them after the saga ends? It will end.

  10. Video is an area where I need to grow, for sure! I have 2. Pretty bad, huh? In addition to written blog posts, the primary medium I’m focusing on right now are photos, and I’m also getting a little into audio. One baby step at a time!

  11. AnonymousPosted on September 9, 2010 at 9:37 amYes. We should HONOR the gifting that GOD gave to ANOINTED musicians and help to SUPPORT them so they can continue and FOCUS on BRINGING GLORY & HONOR to GOD through their gifting.

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